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Building a school that focused more on application-based learning with Garrett Smiley


What is the one thing all homeschoolers, unschoolers, cyberschoolers, worldschoolers and even those in traditional education all agree on? Find the answer here

I’m passionate about startups and their ability to quickly improve the world. Avid reader. World traveler. Education fanatic.

At Sora, we’re building a network of progressive, hybrid high schools where students meet with industry experts and developmental psychologist to design their own education. Our students work online for four days of the week then come together with every student in their region’s cohort once per week.

Sora is in the business of accelerating human potential, not turning kids into worse versions of Google.

Sora is a progressive private high school where students design their own education. Meeting with counselors and faculty, students learn about themselves, explore their interests, and work on projects on whatever topic they choose. With our unique, research-backed model, Sora is an equitable environment for students of all backgrounds to pursue and achieve anything. We instill creativity, independence and grit.