Homeschooling Global Summit

Homeschooling 101 with Jamie Heston


What is the one thing all homeschoolers, unschoolers, cyberschoolers, worldschoolers and even those in traditional education all agree on? Find the answer here

Just about every new homeschooler feels a little lost. How do I start? How do I find other homeschoolers? What curriculum, classes, and programs should I use? What if I miss something? How do I address my child’s special needs? My child is gifted and I can’t keep up, how do I accommodate them? What do homeschoolers do all day, and what does a typical homeschool day look like?

Jamie Heston is an 11-year homeschooling veteran of two teens. She is a Board Member for the Homeschool Association of California, moderator for her local homeschool group, owner of two community organizations, and, and a Homeschool Consultant who specializes in helping, supporting, and inspiring new to homeschooling families.