Homeschooling Global Summit

Navigating Difficult Relationships through an Unschooling Lens with Kelly Halldorson


What is the one thing all homeschoolers, unschoolers, cyberschoolers, worldschoolers and even those in traditional education all agree on? Find the answer here

Best known for the Unschool Bus, Kelly is a school-free Mom living and learning in liberty! While the Halldorson’s can only be loosely defined as “Unschool” it wouldn’t be accurate to use the term “home educators” either…. unless of course we redefine our perception of home… and that is precisely what is most delectably refreshing about Mama Halldorson! Kelly and family quintessentially exemplify the concept of embracing learning as a part of life.

The Halldorson’s are full-time roadsters, living in their unique RV and learning about life by living it, all over the nation!